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Network Infrastructure Support

We can help increase your internal network performance and expansion requirements along with options to increase Internet Bandwidth. When your Corporate network begins to show signs of fatigue we can find the best internal solution suited to give the best performance for your production needs keeping your budget in mind.

Corporate/Residential Internet Connection Click Speed Test here:

Total Network:

Whether wired or wireless infrastructure, Windows or MAC, a small desktop network or a full complement of desktops, laptops and servers, we are capable to find the "best fit" solution for your environment.

Utilizing the latest technology and standards "New Thinking, New Technology" we can provide a reliable and secure network for your environment that is manageable, but also easily expandable for future business growth.

Unification of exiting telecommunications equipment across exiting or planned infrastructure, wired or wireless, for office to office scalability and productivity over your IP network.

Old, existing networks are also easily maintained by our experienced technicians. We can quickly and reliably map out your existing architecture and diagnose problems, flag potential issues and recommend future service. From structured cabling to Server management.