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Zoiper is a global softphone, SDK and OTT application supplier.

Zoiper is a trusted source in supporting the businesses of Service Providers, call centers, VoIP integrators, mobile operators, and many businesses requiring immediate VoIP capabilities and compatibility implementation through service-independent softphone applications.

Zoiper’s products support both IAX and SIP protocols and run on all popular mobile and desktop platforms.

Consisting of 80% development power, and building softphones for over a decade, the Zoiper team is a proven partner for custom-built softphone applications.

Based on open standards, the Zoiper SDKs enable any hardware and software manufacturer, integrator, or utilizer, to introduce communication capabilities to any software and hardware products and services.

Zoiper provides SDKs for all supported operating systems – Windows Mobile 8, iOS, Android, and Blackberry 10 – on mobile, and Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Solaris – on the desktop.

Zoiper runs on the mobile and desktop devices of millions of end-users around the world.


softphones, VoIP SDK, softphone OTT apps, VoIP applications, SDK for ITSP, mobile VoIP SDK

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Picture of Zoiper 5 Desktop (and Mobile) Softphone

Zoiper 5 Desktop (and Mobile) Softphone

Smart and Private Communication with Zoiper 5 Desktop (and Mobile) Softphone
Picture of Zoiper VoIP Softphone iOS

Zoiper VoIP Softphone iOS

Zoiper is an easy to use sip video softphone, with excellent voice quality and easy to setup.
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